About Natasja

I am Natasja Mulder, a Dutch mosaic artist. I learned the fine art of mosaic art from the best Italian Grandmasters. I greatly values quality and authenticity in my work. Therefore, I only work with high quality materials such as Orsoni Smalti Veneziani and marble. My mission is to inspire people. By engaging in conversation with clients, their individual needs and wishes come to light. Whether you need art for decorating your home or looking for multiple pieces for hotels, wellness resorts or galleries, I deliver according to your desires.

After my working method explained here below, i give you a look into my world.

By listening to your input, I am able to create art that perfectly fits your interior. This process envelops the following steps:

Working method

By means of an open and personal interview, Natasja creates an inventory of your wishes and demands. This is the foundation on which your project is based. If you have specific demands or wish to see a certain style reflected in your project, additional visual footage will be helpful.

Following the initial interview, a design is made that will be presented to you. Possible adaptations will be taken into account and included in the design. During this stage we will also focus on different materials and colours.

Once we have agreed on the design, materials and colour combination, planning starts and you will receive a clear indication on the anticipated costs. Once you approve, it is time to get to work.

During the development phase of the project, you will be kept up to date on the state of progression regularly. During the final stage, you have the opportunity to come by the studio and take a look at the project. Seeing the artwork in real-life and close-by gives you a much better view on the craftsmanship then simply looking at a picture. When the project is finished an appointment is made, during which the artwork is delivered to you.

You are now the proud owner of a unique, handcrafted mosaic work of art, crafted in the same tradition as the Italian Grandmasters. Enjoy, be inspired and let us know if you have any other projects in the future!

Natasja is licensed by the following institutes:

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