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portret HB af ! -Natasja Mulder-Colorito

exhibition courthouse

Natasja Mulder and Hugo Cleeren are going to exhibit a great part of their collective works at the courthouse Zeeland-West-Brabant, locatie Breda. This courthouse has many visistors during the week. Also when you do not need to be there, you may enter the building to visit the exhibition. Only think of showing your ID ! […]

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Mozaïekinterpretatie The Green Line (Matisse)-Natasja Mulder-Colorito

“straat 30” AZ St. Lucas, Gent

Hugo Cleeren and Natasja Mulder have a joint exhibition in “straat 30” of AZ St. Lucas, Gent, Belgium. This corridor of the hospital is a special “exhibition-corridor”. Natasja and Hugo are showing 23 mosaics and 5 portraitdrawings, a kind of oeuvre-impression. You can see mosaics of various kinds : mosaics in smalti, mosaics in pebbles […]

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evolutie Sam-Colorito-Natasja Mulder 14

Sam has arrived at BeMosaic

Mosaicportrait Sam has arrived at BeMosaic : the international mosaic exhibition at Chateau de l’Ermitage, Waver, Belgium. There will be a very wide range of mosaics being showed by mosaicist from several countries. Very worth visiting ! You can visit the exhibition from may 9 till 31, at Tuesday till Friday between 14 and 17, […]

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Abbie- Natasja Mulder-Colorito

Exhibition in Zuiderhout

Natasja Mulder exhibits 3 portraitdrawings in the atrium of elderlyhome Zuiderhout in Teteringen, The Netherlands, together with 5 other members of Artring. The other exhibitors are : Hugo Cleeren-mosaics, Jopie Gelissen-paintings, Petra Wilms-drawings, Martien van Nijnatten-waterclourpaintings, Maria van Dalen-paintings. You can visit the exhibition from January 5th till March 15th.

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