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Mosaic Studio Colorito stands for mosaic fine art, conceptual mosaic art and professional mosaic classes.

Purple Rain - Colorito- Natasja Mulder

Purple Rain – Colorito- Natasja Mulder

Natasja Mulder : one of the few Dutch mosaic artists that is classically trained in the authentic Italian method of making mosaics : with martellina ( hammer ) and tagliolo ( hardie ). Comparable to the world famous mosaic school of Spilimbergo, Italy.

We approach all our mosaics as unique works of high quality. Made out of the most beautiful and durable materials as Venetian smalti, marble and stained glass. Paying attention to the smallest details. We believe in a constant  innovation both creatively and technically to guarantee high craftsmanship, so we can rank ourselves at the top of the Dutch mosaic field.


specialized in various styles

Besides the fact that we love to make free work, but of course we also do commissions. We are specialized in various styles : from Roman and Byzantine to modern and contemporary. Mosaic is an aesthetic medium to produce an image. Any image, painting or  picture can be produced or reproduced  and executed as a mosaic.Mosaic can also serve as a luxurious paneling of walls, adding value and uniqueness to any internal or external architectural surface in public buildings, private residences and places of worship.

Mosaic is a unique, one-of-a-kind luxury completely customizable based on the requirements of the client.  Any idea can be proposed, discussed, optimized and created by Mosaic Studio Colorito.
We understand the new luxury of handmade mosaics as the unique experience of truly customized service. With refined sensitivity and passion, we work together with each client to create a unique piece of art. For more information you can contact me.

Professional mosaic classes

In The Netherlands many classes in making mosaics are being offered. And too often by people who have only few knowledge of making mosaics themselves. This often shows off in their knowledge about mosaic fine art and in the results both of their own work and that of their participants .
This does not serve the art of mosaics at all.

In order to bring up the art of making mosaics back to the required level in The Netherlands, it is indispensable that people receive instructions by people who are properly trained in making mosaics.

Natasja Mulder has nearly 20 years of experience in making mosaics. She has enjoyed many years of high-quality training. Therefor she masters the art of making mosaics into the smallest details, both according to traditional methods and artistically.Together with her experience in teaching mosaics Natasja is pre-eminently able to teach people with various backgrounds. To learn more about our mosaic classes, please click here.


and other mosaic materials for sale

Since January 1rst 2016 mosaic Studio Colorito is the official dealer of Orsoni Smalti Veneziani for the Benelux. We offer a large range of Orsoni products. We have over 400 colors in stock, which is unique in The Netherlands ! Of course we will keep on extending the assortment in the future. A part of the colors you will find under the button Orsoni Smalti Veneziani.  All of our other mosaic materials you can find under the button mosaic materials.






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