Masterclass Mosaic in Balance 2

During this masterclass we will treat one of the many different variations of modern andamenti. The knowledge you will take from this masterclass will help you develop your own skills by applying existing andamenti or create new ones

After a short refreshment on the basic rules of andamento from the “Mosaic in Balance 1” masterclass, we will start with a brief research of the Byzantine andamento. This andamento is – much like the Roman andamento – no longer in use. The Byzantines however, had such great ideas and tricks that we use them even today in modern mosaic.

Next, we will proceed with modern andamento. Even just drawing one is a fun activity. In just one masterclass, you will learn how to apply this andamento by means of various practice assignments. Additionally you will:

  • Gain additional knowledge on andamento
  • Use your knowledge on multiple andamenti to create an enormous amount of variety that will allow you to create a mosaic just the way you like it
Colorito Mozaïek Masterclass Balans 3-1- Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder
Colorito Mozaïek Masterclass-Balans3-4 _Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Colorito Masterclass Mozaiëk-Techniek-1- Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja MulderMulder
Colorito Mozaïek Masterclass Balans 3-2- Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder
Colorito Mozaïek Masterclass Balans 3-3 -Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Attention:  You can only participate in this masterclass if you have followed the “Mosaic in Balance 1” masterclass. Bring from home: pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener. It is not possible to bring your own mosaic materials.

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€ 125,00 incl. VAT
4 hours

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