Mosaic materials

Are you looking for materials to create a mosaic?
You can find them in Mosaic Atelier Colorito :

Orsoni Smalti Veneziani, Sicis glass, Quadra glass, Spectrum glass (also known as Tiffany glass), coloured mirror glass, Art Glass, Ottoman Glass, glitter glass, Effetre millefiori, glass drops, Winckelmans porcelain,  marble, glue, colouring agent, grout, mosaic paper, mosaic plastic, tools, mosaic books.

Dealer of Orsoni Smalti Veneziani

Mosaic-Studio Colorito is dealer of Orsoni Smalti Veneziani since January 1, 2016 . We can offer you a large range of Orsoni products against excellent prices ! At this moment we already hvae over 400 different colours in stock. And we will keep on expanding our stock. We have a large experience in working with smalti ourselves and a good knowledge of the colours. Therefor we can offer you excellent help in compiling a colourpallet for your mosaic-design. We also have a good quality range of tools for smalti and marble.

Click here for a complete summary of our Orsoni smalti-products. For orders, pricelist and further information , please contact us through email


We also offer ready-made mosaic kits including a scale, a lamp, a butterfly, a mirror and many more items.

At the moment the atelier doesn’t have a webshop. Items can only be bought on site.
Opening hours:  see contactpage
Payment: Cash only. Note of € 100 or more are not accepted.

mozaïekpakket spiegel zwart-wit-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito mozaïekpakket spiegel zwart-wit-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Mosaickit Mirror, available in 3 colors
mozaiekpakket Vlinder-mozaiekatelier Colorito mozaiekpakket Vlinder-mozaiekatelier Colorito
Mosaickit Butterfly
mozaïekpakket schaal-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito mozaïekpakket schaal-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Mosaickit Bowl, available in 4 colors
mozaïekpakket lampje Rood-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito mozaïekpakket lampje Rood-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Mosaickit Lamp, available in 4 colors
glasmixpakket groen-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito glasmixpakket groen-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Glassmixkit Green, different kinds of glass in 1 box
Mozaïekpakket paard-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito Mozaïekpakket paard-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Mosaickit Horse
mozaïekpakket Clown-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito mozaïekpakket Clown-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Mosaickit Clown
glasmixpakket oranje-rood-Mozaïekatelier Colorito glasmixpakket oranje-rood-Mozaïekatelier Colorito
Glassmixkit Red, different kinds of glass in 1 box
Millefiori-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito Millefiori-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Millefiori by Effetre
spectrumglas en gekleurd spiegelglas-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito spectrumglas en gekleurd spiegelglas-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
spectrumglass and colored mirrorglass
Mosa tegels en glasdruppels-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito Mosa tegels en glasdruppels-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Mosa keramische tegels en glasdruppels
Smalti, martellina, tagliolo, wheeled nipper-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito Smalti, martellina, tagliolo, wheeled nipper-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
Martellina, tagliolo, wheeled nippers, smalti
Mozaïekgereedschap-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito Mozaïekgereedschap-Mozaïek-atelier Colorito
mosaic tools
glasmixpakket blauw-Mozaïekatelier Colorito glasmixpakket blauw-Mozaïekatelier Colorito
Glassmixkit Blue, different kinds of glass in 1 box
glasmixpakket aardetinten-Mozaïekatelier Colorito glasmixpakket aardetinten-Mozaïekatelier Colorito
Glassmixkit Earth, different kinds of glass in 1 box

Venetian glass – Venice – direct method – Byzantine mosaic – Winter Wonderland – martellina – mosaic portraits – andamento – Sicis – Ravenna – mosaic paper – Winckelmans porcelain –  pebble mosaic – ceppo – Spilimbergo – cementing -Greece – mosaic netting – wheeled nipper – Cyprus – mini mosaic – Roman mosaic –  tagliolo – marble mosaic – indirect method – smalti mosaic – flour glue – glass mosaic – mosaic plastic – millefiori- Quadra glass mosaic- mosaic pliers