Product range

Since 2019, I offer a wide selection of different kinds of marble. The current assortment consists of nearly 40 different colours. Everything from Carrara white to a deep black marble and many shades of grey, yellow, green, blue and everything in between. In order to keep this collection up-to-date, I work closely with some of the most renowned marble quarries in Italy.

Do you enjoy working with marble? You will find what you are looking for at Mosaic Studio Colorito.

Check out the complete overview of our marble selection and tools here.

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Mosaic hammer- Mozaïek hamer-Martellina Widia-Widia and Martellina steel edged - Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Mosaic hammer or martellina

Hardie- Tagliolo steel edged -Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Hardie or tagliolo

Tabletop Hardie steel egded-Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Tabletop hardie

cutting machine for smalti and marble - Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Cutting machine

Marble Colors

marble- Aqua Marina-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Agua Marina

marble-Azul Macauba- marble sampleboardmozaiekcolorito

Azul Macauba

marble-Bardiglietto-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito


marble-Bardiglio-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito


marble- Bianco Carrara- marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Bianco Carrara

marble Biancone-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito


marble Botticino Classico-marble sampleboard- mozaiekcolorito

Botticino Classico

marble Breccia Oniciata-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Breccia Oniciata

marble Emperador-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito


marble Fior Di Bosco-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Fior di Bosco

marble Fior di Pesco-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Fior di Pesco

marble Giallo Atlantide-marble sampleboard- mozaiekcolorito

Giallo Atlantide

marble Giallo Reale-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Giallo Reale

marble Silvia Oro-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Silvia Oro

marble Grigio Carnia-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Grigio Carnia

marble Grigio Noisette-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Grigio Noisette

marble Nero Cina-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcoloritio

Nero Cina

marble Nero Marquinia-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Nero Marquinia

marble Rosa del Garda-

Rosa del Garda

marble Rosa Perlino-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosa Perlino

marble Rosa Portogallo Aurora-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosa Portogallo Aurora

marble Rosa Portogallo Salmone-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosa Portogallo Salmone

marble Rosa Tea Forte-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosa Tea Forte

marble Rosa Tea-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosa Tea

marble Rosso Alicante-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Alicante

marble rosso Collemandina-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Collemandina

marble Rosso Francia-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Francia

marble Rosso Laguna-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Laguna

marble Rosso Verona Marrone-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Verona Marrone

marble Rosso Verona-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Verona

marbel Rosso Verzegnis-marble rouge belge-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Rosso Verzegnis

marble trani-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito


marble Travertino Classico-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Travertino Classico

marble Travertino Giallo-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Travertino Giallo

marble TravertinoRosso-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcoloritio

Travertino Rosso

marble Verde Cipollino-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Verde Cipollino

marble Verde Guatemala-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Verde Guatemala

marble Verde Laguna-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito

Verde Laguna

marble Verdello-marble sampleboard-mozaiekcolorito