Natasja Mulder-Mozaiekatelier Colorito

Natasja Mulder – Mosaic Studio Colorito

I am Natasja Mulder, I live and work in Teteringen (near Breda ) in The Netherlands.

Making a mosaic is a combination of creativity and skill.

That’s exactly what makes the art of mosaic so interesting to me.

With all due respect I may include myself to the few Dutch mosaicists who are classically trained equally to the unique method of the world famous mosaic school in Spilimbergo, Italy. I studied the 7 year mosaic training at the art academy of Wilrijk, Belgium . Because I believe in a constant  innovation both creatively and technically to guarantee high craftsmanship,  I try to regularly attend professional masterclasses. So I am able to maintain my craftsmanship at a high level.

In 2006 I founded my Mosaic Studio Colorito. I managed to turn my hobby into a living and became a full-time small business owner. In addition to the atelier, Colorito also has a carpentry workshop, which strengthens the atelier technically. Most kinds of frames, backgrounds and constructions I’d like to use in a mosaic I can build myself.


Mosaic is an aesthetic medium to produce an image. Any image, painting or  picture can be produced or reproduced  and executed as a mosaic. I am classically trained and I work in the authentic Italian method art of making mosaics : with martellina ( hammer ) and tagliolo ( hardie ).

The process of making a mosaic knows several steps : first I study the design for a mosaic by making drawings, in which shapes and colors are determined. In this phase also the material is choosen in which the mosaic will be executed. Then I reproduce the drawing into a mosaic drawing, a so called andamento drawing. With the hammer I cut the material in the required shape.

Thanks to my broad training I am specialized in various styles : from Roman and Byzantine to modern and contemporary. I have made the choice of working only with durable, high quality materials such as Venetian smalti, marble and stained glass. Only then I am able to reach the quality standard in my work, that both I and my customers are looking for.


I make free work and I also do commissions.

Portraits of people and pets, 2D-work, company logos, mosaics for any internal or external architectural surface in buildings, in all possible shapes and sizes.  My work already has had many chances of being exhibited internationally : The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, USA. And I am very proud of that !


Mosaic is a unique, one-of-a-kind luxury. I understand the new luxury of handmade mosaics as the unique experience of truly customized service. With refined sensitivity and passion, we work together with each client to create a unique piece of art.

With my depth of experience I believe I’m your perfect partner to immortalize all your wishes in a mosaic.

Interested? Check out my portfolio. Because pictures don’t do the effects and gloss of the real work justice, I’d like to invite you to visit my atelier and take a look at my work with your own eyes. For my contact details please click HERE.


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