Autumn Chill

Autumn Chill- Nature- Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Autumn Chill

Autumn Chill.  A reflection in the water, with beautiful autumn shades. This work evokes the chilliness of the season and at the same time has a warm feeling to it. It needs to be seen up close to fully appreciate that it’s been constructed out of thousands of tiny pieces of smalti.  When you step back, it appears that all these pieces melt together to make one big harmonious whole. Only then “Autumn Chill” is felt to full effect.

“Autumn Chill” has been selected for the Biënnale Prix Picassiette in Chartres, France, 2016, and was also on show at the “ Art in Pieces “ exibition in Lexington, USA

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