Composizione Oro e Legno 3

Composizione Oro e Legno 3 - Orsoni gold leaf smalti-wood- Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Composizione Oro e Legno 3

“Composizione oro e Legno : a story about light and richness. Experience the warmth when gold and wood come together “.

Composizione Oro e Legno 3 appreciates the value of the century old Byzantian gold, presented in a modern way.  It consists of 300 hand-sawn cubes of wood measuring 17x17x17 mm. Each cube has a piece of colored gold mosaic ( gold leaf layered glass ) on top of it. In between the cubes you’ll find bars of flat aluminium. On them lies gold smalti in an acsending color gradation, permitting a unique lively contrast. Creating a unique interaction between all these materials and bringing them to life. The light falls on the Byzantian gold and reflects it into the room, thus creating a very special feel.

It is my own design and part of the series of conceptual mosaics with almost unlimited possibilities.

Are you interested in this mosaic or one of the others of this series ? Or a new design within this concept ? Please feel free to  contact me.

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