Familiy crest Stiphout

Stadswapen Stiphout - logo- Orsoni smalti- gold leaf smalti-Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Familiy crest Stiphout

Family crest Stiphout. A commission. It is made from Orsoni smalti and gold mosaic. Inlaid in marble.

The benefit of creating company logos or family crests  from glass or marble mosaic is that it is highly durable and weatherproof. In addition, special materials create beautiful effects that are simply not possible by using photo print. Because of its durability a family crest can be embedded into the façade of a building, creating a unique look that captures people’s attention.

Would you like to have your family crests or company logo made in mosaics ? We can do it for you ! Here you read how we work. Please feel free to contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

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