Indian Chief

Indian Chief-Orsoni smalti-mixed media-Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Indian Chief

Indian Chief is my own design. It originated in my fascination with the beautiful colors and designs used by Native American tribes. It’s made out of Orsoni smalti, smalti piastrina, gold mosaic (the eyes !), glass drops and playful millefiori.

I specialize in portraits. I studied extensively and took several courses to make portraits in mosaic. This one is a modern portrait, but because I master all techniques, a copy of a Roman or Byzantine portrait is also possible.  A portrait is something valuable, a timeless reminder of a loved one. You can also have a portrait made of a favorite singer or an athlete. A portrayal of a Roman goddess adds style and class to your interior.

Interested in having a portrait made? Please contact me.

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