Mosaic Goat logo Districtshuis Wilrijk

geitlogo districtshuis Wilrijk-logo- Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Mosaic Goat logo Districtshuis Wilrijk

Mosaic Goat logo districtshuis Wilrijk is commisioned by the township of Wilrijk in Belgium. It was made to commemorate the 1250 year anniversary of the township (together with the St. Bavo Mosaic ).  Both mosaics are established with the kind help of Pro Mosaico International . Saint Bavo is the patron saint of Wilrijk. The goat on the logo represents the villagers. These two pieces  were placed at the entrance of the townhall for everyone that walks in to admire. It’s a real eye-catcher.

A company logo in marble or glass is durable and weatherproof. Using special mosaic materials you can create stunning effects that are otherwise impossible. Logos can be placed against a wall or incorporated in it, guaranteeing your company will stand out and be noticed.

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