project Purple Rain

July 2017, the start of project Purple Rain. Purple rain will be dedicated to the American pop artist Prince, who passed away in April 2016. Here you can follow the progress of project Purple Rain, a tribute to Prince.



Project Purple Rain 3 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the drawings

project Purple Rain 4 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the design

project Purple rain trespa WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the bozzetto on the substrate








project Purple Rain 5 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the eye

project Purple Rain 6 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the forehead

project Purple Rain 7 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the complete forehead with a fine line of very small marble









project Purple Rain 9 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

on the way to the nose

project Purple Rain 11 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the nose !

project Purple Rain 12 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the mouth








project Purple Rain 14 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the beard

project Purple Rain 15 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

it is starting to look like a face

project Purple Rain 16 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

next step : the ear !








project Purple Rain 18 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the ear !

Project Purple Rain 20 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

some curles

Project Purple Rain 22 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

the hear is done !








Project Purple Rain 23 WM-Colorito-Natasja Mulder

added some juwelry








Purple Rain - Colorito- Natasja Mulder

the final result : Purple Rain, a tribute to Prince. By Natasja Mulder, Mozaïek-atelier Colorito