The energy of the past is the fuel for the future

Mosaic Symposium Turkye-Natasja Mulder a

The energy of the past is the fuel for the future

I made “The Energy of the Past is the Fuel for the Future ” during the First International Virtual Mosaic Symposium Turkey. It was held from March 13 till 27 2021.  Together with 20 international mosaic artists i worked form home – due to the Corona pandemic. We all made a mosaic around a theme :  “From stars to stines, a tribute to Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe”.  Two very intersting and beautiful archeological sites in the south east of Turkey. They are also called The Zero Point of History =. The moment on which civilization started. It was an honour to make a mosaic around this theme.
During those two weeks i worked very hard. This is the final result, accompanied by some thoughts :
“The energy of the past is the fuel for the future”

Feel the energy of the past hidden in the stones.

Only the stars know their story.

Only the universe knows our future.

Let’s not waste this energy, but use it to create a beautiful future.

For ourselves, our children, our planet and all it’s creatures.

Made with love by Natasja Mulder,, The Netherlands, March 2021


More info about the symposium:  Facebook : @Mosaic Symposium Turkey, Instagram : @symposiumturkey.