Castle Mosaic Panel 1

Kasteelmozaïek paneel 1- Domein de Renesse- Oostmalle- marmer-marble-Mozaïekatelier Colorito-Natasja Mulder

Castle Mosaic Panel 1

Castle Mosaic panel 1  is part of a set of two panels. These two panels can be seen at the entrance of the castle domain de Renesse in Oostmalle, Belgium.  It’s made in marble and therefor extremely well adapted for the outdoors. It’s an eye-catcher for the castle that marks the spot where you need to be.

A company logo in marble or glass is durable and weatherproof. Using special mosaic materials you can create stunning effects that are otherwise impossible. Logos can be placed against a wall or incorporated in it, guaranteeing your company will stand out and be noticed.

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